Wednesday, 9 April 2014


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Sharing our Stories

We have been creating a variety of art pieces this term. These pieces are all about ourselves and sharing our stories. We have used different media like collage, watercolour, crayon and clay to create our art. We are beginning to make choices as artists. Each piece of art shares a little about us.

WALT: share our stories and ideas through art.
WALT: explore a variety of media and make choices about
how we want our finished piece to look

Success criteria: * our message is clear
* our art represents us
* we have tried different media
* we choose the media to create the
effect we want

I Think
My Buddy Thinks
my message is clear
my message is clear.
Jayden your message is clear.
my art represents me
all my art presents me.
Jayden’s art stands for him and means stuff to him.
I have tried different media
yes i have tried different media.
I choose media to create the effect I wanted
i do create the effect i want.
my favourite media is… because
clay because you can do what you want with it and there are so many cool tools you can use.

Jayden, you think about your art and the message you want to share before you start. I could see you enjoyed the clay and you developed as a sculptor as the day went on created some beautiful 3D pieces. I am looking forward to what choices you are going to make as an artist as the year progresses.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Term One Value

Kotahitanga (Unity/Togetherness)

Values are deeply held beliefs about what is important or desirable. They are expressed through the ways in which we think and act. In fact everything we do reflects our values!
WALT: Show kotahitanga with our little buddies from Busy Bees

How am I going showing?
I think
My buddy thinks
i show friendship when my buddy needs it most.
i agree last time i saw you and your buddy you were standing up for your buddy.
i will share with my buddy if he wants me to share
i think you will share.
i show team work with my buddy.
i havent seen you.
Looking out for each other
i always look out for my buddy.
you do look out for him.

* Yellow Hat
What of the above attributes above do you feel is strongest for you?
looking out for my buddy. because i am mostly around him.
* Black Hat
What of the following attributes do you feel you need to improve on?
friendship. i don’t really play with him or get along with the thing’s he like’s and does.
* Red Hat              
How do I feel about kotahitanga?
i feel good about it. i like it because it helps you get better as a working team and it really helps getting to know each other.

Jayden, you are a fabulous big buddy and were awesome when you changed buddies without a hitch mid term, thank you. You look out for and help your buddy in his learning.
Remember kotahitanga is not only shown during buddy time, you can show kotahitanga during class time by working sensibly with your learning partner and showing your teamwork skills during small group activities.