Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Maori video - Te Reo

WALTuse Te Reo in a simple conversation.

Task: create a puppet pals animation to share your Te Reo learning.

Success Criteria
  • clear voice
  • saying the right words (makes sense) 
  • animation matches the words
  • trying our best pronunciation

I think
My learning partner thinks
I used a clear voice
i think i used a clear voice because when i watched it i sounded clear.

you used a really clear voice.
I used the right words
i used the right words because i checked it twice
you used the right words.
My animation matched my words
yes because we checked it lots
you used the right sentence for all but the best was the book.
What did I find challenging? 
pronouncing the correct words.
What did I like about…
i liked speaking the Maori.
using the correct words.

Fantastic Jayden! You and Thomas created an amazing movie showing your understanding of Te Reo. Your voices are clear, your pronunciation is excellent and your animation matches your words. It is tricky to learn words in another language and you and Thomas have risen to the challenge! I love that you planned and practised what you were going to say so it was clear in your minds. Using English after the Maori was a great idea because people can learn from your clip!