Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My swimming goals 2015

For the last three weeks we have been going swimming. We have been doing it every Wednesday Thursday Friday. We have been swimming in the morning in the school pool.

Big Idea:
Here are my swimming goals.
Goal 1- To come first or second in backstroke. I will achieve this goal by practising making sure my arms are straight and my legs kick hard.
Goal 2- To bend my arms when I am doing freestyle. I will achieve this goal by making sure stroke is the way I have been taught.
Goal 3- To not wiggle my butt when I'm swimming. I will achieve this goal by straightening up my freestyle stroke, like when we do cat and mouse.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

math knowledge term1 2015

description: we have been working hard on these tests for what stage we are at our maths.
it was made to test and question the knowledge of our brains.
I hope you enjoy my maths.
my goal is to now them instantly.

this is my stage 4 maths. my score was 92 out of 100. I still need to work on the ones I get muddeled up with which means I need to listen to the question and know it straight away.

this is my stage 5 maths i got 56 right out of 100 but for this one I have to work on the ones I got right because I was a bit slow at them.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

My childhood memories.

Purpose: To share memories about my childhood.

Remember felling a drop of sweat going down my brow as the plane took off.
Remember worrying about the plane running out of gas or crashing into another plane.
Remember my ears popping as I landed in Australia.
Remember going to my aunts house and going to the wild life park.
Remember holding a long snake.
Remember its head going up my sleeve and its blue tongue licking my arm.

My first stay in Australia and a wild life park.