Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Te Reo portfolio post term 3 2015

Description: On Wednesday arfternoons we do Te Reo while the kappa haka kids are at the hall. We are doing Maori body parts. We learnt that some things aren't that different like Ringa is fingers and Ringa Ringa is hands. Me and hunter made a puppet pal to show you the Maori body parts. We made up a sort of quiz to show them. If you now them maybe you could challenge yourself and before I answer them. Here is our video:

Big idea: We did something to show the moari body parts in a quiz so you could like say the answers before I do and if you are stuck on them you could watch this video refresh your memory and then ask someone to quiz you on it.
Feedback/Feedforward: I think that was quit a good video. Perhaps you could make it more exciting.

Evaluation: I think me and hunter did well with our post and I think it will really help little kids learn there body parts instead of reading wich some might not now how to do they could just hear someone saying it.