Wednesday, 18 May 2016


I read a post about an old lady returning a book to library. An the twist was she got it out as a KID!!!


For writing I did a sentence that someone could use to describe a rose and I did a metaphor to explain my rose.


 I write a poem done by Kenn Nesbitt and he wrote it about a kid addicted to minecraft.

Why you would not want to be a Roman gladiator.

You wouldn't want to be a Roman gladiator because you have to fight to the death and if you chose not to be a Roman gladiator you go into slavery wich you would normally die from after a few years. If you become a gladiator and you win your first fight you go on to fight harder people until you die or the run out of people to fight you wich only happens once with Ceaser. And after your dead they just threw your body in a pit and leave it there.


Today o did spelling city. Spelling city is a test were you get told the word and you have to spell it correctly. Here is whet I did.
I did largest us states and I did it in spelling test me.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Sunday, 8 May 2016

My spelling test.

Description: We did a spelling test that was three hundred words long and we did one hundred and fifty a day so it took two days. It was not that difficult. (I say failing at least five.) we got that test for the reason of having a literacy time table spelling workshop and we needed to do the test to find out what words we had to practise. We did it on Monday got our results on Tuesday and did we also did it on Tuesday and got our results for the second one hundred and fifty on Wednesday. We took a photo of our test and we put it on this post. Here is my three hundred word test. Leave a comment on how I did.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Stevens and Ellys classes buddy art T1 2016

Description: In Ellys and Stevens buddy classes we have made a piece of art and the way we did it was we  got one massive piece of already made art and cut it into 30 squares about 9cm by 9cm. we then got that piece and another piece of blank paper and had to copy the original art onto our blank piece of paper. once we had done that we then got them all together and made it into a massive piece of art.

here are our pieces of art put together.  |

                                     and here is my piece alone.