Sunday, 28 February 2016

Listening post 2016

Description: In poutama we have been learning about all the types of listening . Their is active listening where the listener has his/her full attention on you and eye contact directly on you and isn't buting in or doing anything bad. and busy listing is where the listener isn't paying attention and isn't giving you eye contact. and me to listening is when the listener is buting in and not giving any time to listen.

Big idea: We had to get into groups of three and it had to contain a girl a boy and it had to have a year five and six. Our group had a year five girl and two year six boys. And from this we have to make a video about the three different type of learning.

Feedback you did good at making the time great and including quality clip. #Sam
Feedfoward but you need to do it in a quicker time. 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Treaty of Wiatangi.

Description: At school we did the Treaty of Waitangi on minecraft. We did a maze quiz about it. 
 We decided to do a maze beacause if you were at the end and there was only one more question to go and you failed you would have to start from the srart and this time you would slow down take in the information and think. I worked with Finns, Mike and Flecther. We had the question in front of two iron doors andThere were answers above or beside those iron doors. if you chose the wrong one you would have to Start the quiz from the start. If you complete it you get a dropper drop a ton of goodies.
We did a Rubric. A Rubric is a sheet of paper that has five goals on it. You have a aim to reach one of those goals in your post. The five things are Uni: Is one idea or fact about your peice. And the rest is bellow.

Big idea: we learnt all about the treaty and about Captain Cook and William to try and repeat it on my Minecraft. We went on the internet to do some research. We found ot fifteen ideas and copied a few of them onto my world. I had help from Finns, Mike and Flecther. We learnt a lot about the treaty that could have changed the course of New Zealand. We hope you learn something to.

FB: that looks fun I want to do that quiz.
FF: Maybe add more questions.

Evaluation: I think I did not a lot of research about our treaty post but there were some good facts and it was just a good quiz.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Treaty of Waitangi

The Description: We are writing questions about the treaty of waitangi and here are my ones. We are learning about it and doing research to understand the treaty better.
1. Why did the pommies even want the whole New Zealand because they already owned a lot.
2. When did the pommies buy New Zealand.
3. when did the pommies completly colonise new zealand.
4. When did Waitangi day become a public holiday.
5. Who were the main people at the time the treaty was signed.
6. What was the first New Zealand settler ship called.
1. Because they wanted to expand there empire and New Zealand was not owned so it had valuable materials. 
2. 1947 to 1966
3. They colonised new zealand in 1841 and elevin years later, the British Parliament passed the first fully implemented act to grant self-governance to the new colonie.
4. 6th of February 1960.
5. Lord Normanby, Captain William Hobson, James Busby, Reverend Henry Williams, Tamati Waaka NĂȘnĂȘ and James Reddy Clendon.
6. The Aurora.
Also did you know out of 1840 moari Chiefs only approximately 500 actually signed the treaty.

Monday, 1 February 2016

My one word.

Description: today we have been learning to set goals. Our goal is to have one word and to make that word our goal in our social, home and school lives.

My one word is progress.
I chose this word because I want to progress in my work like my writing, reading, math and other stuff like to get better at sports that I like.